dB Communications supplies fusion splicers for field splicing applications from AFL. From the world’s smallest fusion splicer to the world’s first fully ruggedized splicer, AFL has been the pioneer in fusion splicing technology since 1979. Current generation field models offer unmatched speed, ruggedness and reliability.  dB Communications features the AFL Fusion Splicers 70S/70R/21S models.

AFL Fusion Splicer Model 70S


AFL Fusion Splicer Model 70R


AFL Fusion Splicer Model 21S

dB Communications also offers AFL’s fiber optic cable, transmission and substation accessories, outside plant equipment, connectors, and test equipment.  The product line includes the FUSEConnect Fusion-Spliced Field-Installable Connectors, XFM-HD Patch Cord Assemblies, and Wall Mount Interconnect Enclosures.
FUSEConnect® Fusion-Spliced, Field-Installable Connectors

FUSEConnect® Fusion-Spliced Field-Installable Connectors

XFM-HD Patch Cord

Xpress Fiber Management® High Density (XFM®-HD) Patch Cord Assemblies

Wall Mount Interconnect Enclosure WME

Wall Mount Interconnect Enclosure (WME) with Four LGX® Mounting Positions

See AFL’s Optical Connectivity Product Catalog for more.