dB Communications supplies high-performance broadband amplifier products, optical nodes and headend optronics from ACI featuring: Advanced System Evolution Modules (ASEM) – Distribution amplifier upgrades for Moto and Cisco for maximum utilization of existing housings. With GaN and DSIM technology at 1GHz, ASEM provides improved output, stability, performance and reliability. Digital Station Intelligence Manager (DSIM) – […] Find Out More

Dura-Line designs and manufactures a superior-quality High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) conduit product, offering innovations designed to make installations faster, easier and more productive. dB Communications supplies the MSO industry with HDPE Conduit from industry leading supplier Dura-Line.             […] Find Out More

dB Communications features the Perfect Vision headend/hub cable connectors for your CATV and Coax installations. Perfect Vision connectors ensure signal continuity under a breadth of conditions, including reduction in pixilation, tiling and stuttering. The products offer greater packet loss immunity and increased signal-to-noise level performance. The patented Perfect Vision technology meets or exceeds SCTE Standards […] Find Out More

dB Communications carries the Prysmian Group’s highly respected Prysmian and Draka brands of telecom cables and accessories. The group manufactures cables and accessories for the voice, video and data transmission industry, offering a complete range of optical fiber, optical and copper cables and connectivity systems. dB Communications features the LT2.0 BBXS Loose Tube Fiber Cable […] Find Out More

dB Communications carries the VL4500 Peg encoder from Radiant Communications. With compression efficiency and advanced pre-processing, the HD Broadcast Encoder delivers HD and SD content at low bitrates and uncompromised quality. The encoder can be used to deliver video services across all networks and fulfill multiple applications for varied business needs. Benefits include multi-stream encoding, […] Find Out More

dB Communications offers Springbok Instruments’  Tracker, Tracker Pro and Tracker Jr. which are touch screen Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR) that enable remote cable diagnostics as well as live test/work.  The intuitive interface and technology allow for more accurate diagnostics to pinpoint cable events and enable speedier return to service […] Find Out More

dB Communications partners with Tec-Trac to offer the workforce productivity middleware.  The Tec-Trac Workforce Productivity middleware allow you to enhance your technicians daily operations by automating your common procedures on handheld devices such as mobile phones, tablets or other devices that technicians carry with them into the field.  As the techs do their work each […] Find Out More

dB Communications features a range of network testing and measurement equipment from VeEX that enable network operators to quickly deliver next-generation services and ensure network quality and reliability, including; Spectrum Analyzers (AT2500RQvPlus); Integrated Test Solution (CX350S) which supports legacy analog CATV signals, HD DVB-C carriers and DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem emulation/measurement in a single instrument; […] Find Out More