dB Communications supplies the MediaMAX™ and FutureLink™ network deployment solutions designed and manufactured by Suttle.

FutureLink™ solutions are designed for the edge of the network FTTH connectivity and include fiber enclosures and terminals. MediaMAX™ solutions are designed for intelligent home networks and include media panels, modules, jacks and wallplates for fiber, CAT6+, COAX and wireless connectivity.

  • The FutureLink™ Stackable Fiber Interface Terminal (SFIT) system is designed for ultimate fiber distribution flexibility for configuration and placement. The SFIT platform is designed for indoor, outdoor, SFU, MDU, and business applications; and it is mountable on a wall, pole, strand or pedestal. Its compact design and small footprint allows flexibility for installation placement with many different options for managing slack, storage, patch, splice and split requirements.
  • The MediaMAX™ solution is designed to create the most reliable home network connectivity for today’s IoT automation and connected lifestyles.  Suttle’s media panels, modules, jacks, and faceplates are known for quality construction and maximum performance.  And the new CAT6A jack offers 10 gigabit speeds for gaming and over-the-top content.

Stacked Fiber Interface Terminal (SFIT)

MediaMAX for Smart Home Connectivity

See the Suttle website for more information.