dBCommunications helps you improve your networks’ quality and longevity with ingress and egress monitoring equipment from Effigis. Equipped with the most advanced hardware and backed by a dedicated R&D department, Effigis can ensure the quality of your networks, never losing sight of government standards, your objectives and your budget.

Effigis CPAT FLEX Leakage Detection

Leakage Detection

Leakage Detection Solution:
The CPAT FLEX Leakage Detection Solution accurately detects and measures signal leakage within the LTE and aeronautical frequency bands. Used jointly with our autonomous recording device ARD4, it automatically: Monitors leakage events; Records the data with a time/date stamp; Records the leak’s GPS location. In addition, the system uploads the captured data to the CPAT WEB server for further analysis.

Effigis CPAT FLEX Ingress Detection

Ingress Detection

Ingress Detection Solution:
The CPAT FLEX Ingress Detection Solution automatically detects, records and dispatches ingress events, with unmatched speed and accuracy. Why? Simple. It is the only GPS-based ingress monitoring system on the market. The days when technicians blindly searched for network impairments are over. With our Ingress Detection Solution, they can troubleshoot straight to the source, bringing the mean time to repair (MTTR) down from days to hours.

In Home Certification

In-Home Solution:
The CPAT FLEX In-Home Certification Solution ensures total quality for in-home installations by detecting potential cable shielding integrity issues. Cable leakage problems are easily located while the fulfillment technician is on site, thanks to the “pressure test” mode that relies on high RF level carriers.

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